Rachel Bilson and Melinda Clarke Launch 'Welcome to the OC, Bitches!' Rewatch Podcast

The actresses will recount the show one episode at a time through the new Kast Media-helmed project
Rachel Bilson and Melinda Clarke Launch 'Welcome to the OC, Bitches!' Rewatch Podcast
Nearly two decades after The O.C. hit the airwaves and changed the shape of indie music and its relationship to pop culture forever, the show is set to be examined episode by episode in a new rewatch podcast hosted by Orange County's very own Rachel Bilson and Melinda Clarke.

The new project, which will launch on April 27 through Kast Media, is aptly titled Welcome to the OC, Bitches!, and will feature appearances by the series' Peter Gallagher, creator Josh Schwartz, as well as sociologists who will help deconstruct the show's enduring cultural impact.

Here's an official synopsis:

Join the original OC bitches, friends and co-stars, Rachel Bilson and Melinda Clarke, for a trip back to the early 2000s. Zip up your Juicy Couture tracksuits and grab a seat by the pool while they deliver the ultimate OC-rewatch podcast. Each week they'll take you back to a particular episode, share behind-the-scenes scoop, and interview guests who were part of the OC experience.

Bilson said in a statement: "I'm so excited to be doing this podcast with Mindy. I think everyone could use a little light and laughter after the year we have endured."

She continued: "Going back and watching all of these episodes has been so fun and I can't wait to talk about it all, my own personal experiences as well as others involved with the show. From behind the camera, to the makeup trailer to the faces on screen, I hope you will all tune in and come with us back to the OC."

Bilson and Clarke played the roles of Summer Roberts and Julie Cooper, respectively, and the pair have now signed on to host more than 100 episodes of the brand new podcast. 

Listen to a preview below.