Rabbits "No (More) Depth" (video)

Rabbits 'No (More) Depth' (video)
Sludge-slinging Portland noise rockers Rabbits brought out a treasure trove of rarities recently with their SOS (Singles, Other Shit) compilation, but the video for "No (More) Depth" self-deprecatingly suggests that maybe the goodies were plucked from the band's garbage heap.

After standing around awkwardly for a moment or two, the trio barrel into their punky blitz, running off lines about getting one day closer to death. As this goes on in the foreground, we also see oodles of trash getting scooped up and crushed at the dump.

A comment on culture and life as we know it? A fun and furious video capturing Rabbits at their rawest? Maybe it's neither, maybe it's both, and you can make that call for yourself by analyzing the trashy clip down below.