Rabbit Season Slow Math

For Toronto, ON trio Rabbit Season, man and machine go hand in hand. Their electro-charged debut, Slow Math, brings heavy doses of programmed beats and real-time electronics, with stringy disco lines, thrift store synths and a love for vocoder taking the lead. It’s a familiar approach, echoing contemporaries like Cut Copy and Glass Candy, yet it’s hardly what you’d call a knock-off. Unlike many electronically motivated outfits, Rabbit Season put a more human face on their ’80-leaning art pop, often taking up loose, organically-tinged structures. In fact, at times hints of Eno-directed Talking Heads and world influences sneak into the mix, often courtesy of funked-up bass lines and some live percussion. Perhaps the only thing holding this disc back is that many of the songs don’t ever get reach the emotional payoff they are struggling for, especially when vocalist Thom Paulozza steps away from the mic. With a bigger sound and even bigger hooks, Slow Math could be something spectacular but as it stands, it only shows signs of greater things to come. (Independent)