R Y D E R "F-Hole Tattoos" (video)

R Y D E R 'F-Hole Tattoos' (video)
Ryder Havdale holed up in Berlin for a year, trading in guitars and his Mohawk Lodge bandmates for machines, synths and the R Y D E R moniker. The "self-imposed exile" has resulted in a new set of tracks appropriately titled Berlin (Vol. 1), and "F-Hole Tattoos" from the album has just been given the video treatment.
Despite the isolation of his European excursion, Havdale still welcomed collaborations on the new record with the likes Wolf Parade's Arlen Thompson, Maylee Todd, Eamon McGrath and the Backhomes. And for the new clip, R Y D E R enlisted Liam Maloney to shoot the footage in just the way the song was recorded — in one take.
The final product is a hazy wash of psychedelia, drawing inspiration from the likes of Kraftwerk and Gary Numan, and you can give it a watch in the player below.
R Y D E R's Berlin (Vol. 1) is out now, and he'll be taking the latest offering on tour across Europe this summer. Find full details here.