R. Kelly Promises 15 More Chapters of Trapped in the Closet

R. Kelly Promises 15 More Chapters of <i>Trapped in the Closet</i>
He already gave his fans an untitled record in October, and his unreleased Michael Jackson collaborations are begging to be released, but sex-crazed crooner R. Kelly just upped the ante by announcing that another album's worth of Trapped in the Closet chapters is recorded and ready to be released.

Sending out a video through his Twitter, Kelly announced that he has completed 15 new tracks for the next instalment in the sultry series. Kelly comes off a little redundant when he asks fans if this is what they want from him right now. Doesn't he understand that every one of his borderline-insane, highly conceptual sex jams are exactly what his fans want all the time?

No release date has been set for the new Trapped in the Closet chapters.

Check out the video below.