A.R. Kane Reunite

A.R. Kane Reunite
Twenty years after initially calling it quits, UK dream pop act A.R. Kane have revealed plans to get the band back together for a performance this summer.

Founder Rudy Tambala used the group's Facebook page to deliver the news, explaining that the band make their return this summer for an as-yet-undetailed gig. They'd broken up in 1994, following the release of their third LP, New Clear Child.

Tambala's statement reads:

And so ... after a brief hiatus of ... no, no that sounds crap and is a lie ... So. After many years in life's wilderness of home and work and etc ... I have ... uh oh, that sounds really dumb! OK. Here we go. Putting together some players and playing a gig this summer.

Tambala said the show will focus on A.R. Kane material, but it's unclear if this means the set will just be culled from the back catalogue, or if new music is in the works. He did, however, offer that "it will be noisy. Mostly. And a bit quiet. In places."

A.R. Kane was formed in 1986 by Tambala and Alex Ayuli. The band trafficked in softened sounds pulled from the worlds of jazz, funk, dub and ethereal post-punk, and are credited with coining the term "dream pop." Debut single "When You're Sad" was issued through One Little Indian in 1986,and 1987's "Lollita" came via 4AD in 1987, but most of their work arrived via Rough Trade. This includes the 69 and "i" full-lengths and a handful of singles.

Tambala and Ayuli were also involved in the sample-heavy M|A|R|R|S collaboration, who issued their massive "Pump Up the Volume" single in 1987.