R.E.M. Reveal Expanded 25th Anniversary Edition of 'Out of Time'

R.E.M. Reveal Expanded 25th Anniversary Edition of 'Out of Time'
It's been 25 years since R.E.M. issued their landmark, pop-changing Out of Time LP, and the since-shuttered group are celebrating this by giving it a deluxe, expanded anniversary release this fall.

While we're officially past the record's March 12 birthdate, Concord Music Group will be delivering various anniversary packages on November 18.

First up is a double-CD collection that features the original album on one disc, and a group of demos for tracks like "Losing My Religion," "Texarkana," "Shiny Happy People" and more on disc two. One version of "Radio Song" apparently has drummer Bill Berry on lead vocals, instead of Michael Stipe.

A three-LP vinyl edition will also keep the original album on one disc, but spread the bonus material across two separate platters.

Lastly, a four-disc deluxe set combines the aforementioned material with a live disc chronicling R.E.M.'s performance at Charleston, WV's Mountain Stage in 1991. The set blends Out of Time material with classic cuts like "It's the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)." The final disc is a Blu-ray that comprises various early '90s videos from R.E.M., as well as an old electronic press kit.

Liner notes were written by Annie Zaleski and include interviews with all of R.E.M., as well as producers Scott Litt and John Keane.

You'll find the full tracklisting info for the deluxe edition down below.

Earlier in the year, R.E.M. celebrated the early part of their catalogue by giving fresh vinyl pressings to Lifes Rich Pageant album, rarities set Dead Letter Office and 1988 compilation Eponymous.

Out Of Time – 25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition:

Disc 1:

1. Radio Song
2. Losing My Religion
3. Low
4. Near Wild Heaven
5. Endgame
6. Shiny Happy People
7. Belong
8. Half A World Away
9. Texarkana
10. Country Feedback
11. Me In Honey

Disc 2:

1. Losing My Religion 1 (demo)
2. Near Wild Heaven 1 (demo)
3. Shiny Happy People 1 (demo)
4. Texarkana 1 (demo)
5. Untitled Demo 2
6. Radio – Acoustic (Radio Song 1 demo)
7. Near Wild Heaven 2 (demo)
8. Shiny Happy People 2 (demo)
9. Slow Sad Rocker (Endgame demo)
10. Radio – Band (Radio Song 3 demo)
11. Losing My Religion 2 (demo)
12. Belong (demo)
13. Blackbirds (Half A World Away demo)
14. Texarkana (demo)
15. Country Feedback (demo)
16. Me On Keyboard (Me In Honey demo)
17. Low (demo)
18. 40 Sec. (40 Second Song demo)
19. Fretless 1 (demo)

Disc 3 (Live At Mountain Stage):

1. Introduction
2. World Leader Pretend
3. Radio Song
4. Fall On Me
5. It's the End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)
6. Half A World Away
7. Belong
8. Love Is All Around
9. Losing My Religion
10. Dallas
11. Radio Song
12. Disturbance At The Heron House
13. Low
14. Sawn Swan H
15. Pop Song 89″

Disc 4 (Blu-ray):

Radio Song (music video)
Losing My Religion (music video)
Low (music video)
Near Wild Heaven (music video)
Shiny Happy People (music video)
Belong (music video)
Half A World Away (music video)
Country Feedback (music video)
Time Piece (electronic press kit)