Stop with yer laughin’, because over time the Quireboys have matured from the muck and mire of the ’80s hair scene to a respectable, true rock band. And in the midst of all the rock revival stuff happening right now, isn’t is nice to see some guys who are a bit older, wiser and less concerned with selling records making such raw rock’n’roll? Well Oiled is the band’s second release since reforming, and continues along the lines of their last, the excellent This Is Rock ‘n’ Roll opus. Well Oiled is more stripped down; a mere nine songs this time, a few of which fall into thoughtful melancholy terrain, but most deliver riffs and choruses in a way reserved for legends. The band’s main driving force is the relentless hooks that spill out of guitarists Guy Griffin and Paul Guerin, and of course, vocalist Spike’s patented sandpaper vocal chords. Hyperbole about a washed-up glam band or sincere words about a band who just love to rock out, oblivious to fashion and with a knack for writing amazing songs? Hawk those White Stripes albums to get some cash and buy this. You’ll see.