The Quiet Revolution Early Experiments in Time Travel

Although they dropped a self-titled EP way back in 2004, the Quiet Revolution have been, well, pretty quiet as of late, thanks to the success singer/guitarist/primary songwriter Scott Maynard found playing bass in Rock Plaza Central. Not that he ever stopped writing though. Early Experiments in Time Travel features tracks dating back to the years following that initial release, up to the eventual recording sessions that yielded this full-length. Like a one-man Broken Social Scene, Maynard folds a litany of genres and influences into a singular musical voice. Lo-fi power pop, country and even a full-on instrumental clarinet jam make their way into Maynard's songs. But "Make It Happen" is the clear standout, distilling these influences into one soaring track. The momentum slows a bit on the record's back half, at times veering a little too close to singer-songwriter territory. Still, there are some choice cuts and the variations in style only enhance the album's eclecticism. (Independent)