Qui "You're a Girl" (ft. David Yow) (video)

Qui 'You're a Girl' (ft. David Yow) (video)
Noise-punk duo Qui may have separated with one-time singer David Yow a few years back, but that doesn't mean the men aren't still palling around. Take, for instance, the group's new video for "You're a Girl," in which the Jesus Lizard legend officiates the wedding of his old bandmates' pets.

Just ahead of the blessed union, the video for the skronking track observes a wild bachelor party for a pooch and his poker playing buddies, who take a breather from their card game to eyeball a sexy human stripper.

The next day sees the canine and his cat-bride pledging their eternal love, later celebrating with champagne and cake. Yow also apparently pounds a Bud after all that hard work.

It'll bring a tear to your eye, but you can peep the perfect wedding down below.

The track stems from Qui's recent Life, Water, Living... album, and the band will release a split 7-inch with Secret Fun Club on September 23 via Three One G.