Quarashi Jinx

Ever wonder what going through hell in a hand basket would sound like? Well, Quarashi's Jinx is as close to aural hell as you can get. Focusing more on sounding like the North American nu-metal craze that took over the record industry a few years back, the four-piece from Reykjavik sounds nothing like their Icelandic contemporaries, and it really hurts them. Though they've been doing it for years, Quarashi sounds as fresh as the coffee at Tim Horton's, and while they try to incorporate jazz samples in tracks like "Mr. Jinx," they still come off as mindless meatheads aimed on spoiling some house party. Put them somewhere between Beastie Boys, Rage Against The Machine and the Prodigy, but without the artistic creativity or integrity. Quarashi is as bad as this type of music gets. For all of the kids out there looking for some mindless entertainment, you have found the soundtrack to the summer. (Time Bomb)