QOTSA's Josh Homme Bottled On Stage, Bottles and Humiliates Fan

QOTSA's Josh Homme Bottled On Stage, Bottles and Humiliates Fan
Queens of the Stone Age front-man Josh Homme chucked a bottle at a fan during a gig in Oslo this past Friday (June 13). Occurring at the Norwegian Wood festival in Norway, Homme reportedly became annoyed by a spectator after an unidentified flying object was hurled at the head Queen.

The NME reports that Homme addressed the crowd after, letting it be known he was under the weather and not in the mood for dodging flying objects. "Do me one favour, don't throw any shit at me," he said. "If you throw something at me I'm not so sick that I can't go down there and beat the fucking shit out of you. I may have a fucking 102 temperature and I've been puking for two days, but I'll still butt-fuck you in front of your friends."

Upon discovering the culprit, Homme colourfully derided him from the stage, saying: "Hey, you with the fucking hat on. Hey, pussy. Turn around you fucking pussy with the black hair. Turn the fuck around you chicken shit fucking faggot. Hey, you. You fucking pussy motherfucker. I will fuck you up. Come on up here. Come on up here, you fucking little faggot. You know what? Get your fucking ass up here. You're so stupid you'll come up here. Lift him up so I can kick him in the fucking face."

Security guards then grabbed the accused out of the photo pit, where Homme then threw a bottle at him before having him removed. Homme added: "Miserable fucking cunt. Go back to your mum's house, you 12-year-old miserable dickless turd."

And to completely kick the dead horse, Homme concluded by asking the audience to join in on the abuse, saying: "You wanna throw something at him too or are you all cool, are you all good? You know this dickless fucking turd has no friends anyways. I came here for the rest of you, not this asshole."

Of course, the whole incident was caught on camera, and can be viewed below...