Q-Burns Abstract Message Invisible Airline

You have to hand it to a record that has so many "name that influence" moments yet is well-constructed and, I'll admit it, addictive enough to require multiple consecutive spins. Part of it is the sheer diversity of styles exhibited by American DJ/producer Q-Burns Abstract Message (born Michael Donaldson) on his new release, Invisible Airline. He happily zooms from deep house soul and afro-futuristic funk to electro-blues and buzzy, spaced-out alt-rock, freely mixing organic with programmed instrumentation and rarely missing a beat. House vocalist Lisa Shaw thankfully manages to avoid the diva tendencies of her brethren, favouring soul over disco nearly every time. Sure, thoughts of Kool Keith, Morcheeba and Moby may dance in your head as the record plays out, but once the propulsion picks up, you best just sit back enjoy the in-flight program. (Virgin)