PWR BTTM's Ben Hopkins Denies Sexual Assault Allegations, Says They "Need to Move On"

PWR BTTM's Ben Hopkins Denies Sexual Assault Allegations, Says They 'Need to Move On'
PWR BTTM's Ben Hopkins has emerged from the ether to further deny allegations of sexual abuse lodged against them back in 2017, while also announcing plans for a new record titled i held my breath for a really long time once.

In a new interview with Billboard, the artist recounted at length the moments that led to anonymous accusations of assault, countering the narrative laid out by an individual pseudonymously known as Jen.

"We had great, pleasurable sex on both sides with lots of communication, with both partners involved," Hopkins told Billboard. "I am not guilty of this and I need to move on with my life."

Back in May 2017, the band came under fire after Jen spoke with Jezebel about her alleged abuse experienced at the hands of Hopkins. At the time, she detailed an incident where Hopkins refused to wear protection during sex and later forced sex on her while she was asleep.

Hopkins later countered the claims through the band's Facebook account, saying "the statements made about me by the anonymous source did not line up with any sexual experience I have ever had."

Following the accusations, PWR BTTM were dropped by Polyvinyl, their tourmates and touring members, around the time their sophomore LP Pageant was scheduled to be released. Later that year, the band attempted to return to their social media accounts but were vehemently shut down by their internet following.

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