PWR BTTM Tried to Return to Twitter and Failed

The group posted a photo of a woman on a motorcycle but quickly deleted it following some fast and furious backlash
PWR BTTM Tried to Return to Twitter and Failed
Following accusations of sexual assault against guitarist/vocalist Ben Hopkins earlier this year, PWR BTTM were dropped by their record label, tourmates and touring members, not to mention likely a lot of fans. After a new management deal brought their music back to streaming services in June, the band have now attempted to return to social media, and the move has been less than smooth.

In their first post back on Twitter today (November 27), the band shared a photo of a woman on a motorcycle, but it was soon deleted. It marked the duo's first post since denying the sexual assault claims in May, leading to backlash from those who had still been following the band's account.

One user wrote that "it seems careless to essentially ignore severe [sexual assault] allegations and then casually hop back on Twitter 6 months later as if everything is ok," while another wrote "Thanks for reminding me to unfollow!"

Find reaction to the post below, though PWR BTTM's original post has been removed.