​Pussy Riot Follow Up World Cup Protest with "Track About Good Cop"

​Pussy Riot Follow Up World Cup Protest with 'Track About Good Cop'
After storming the field during Sunday's (July 15) World Cup finals, Pussy Riot have continued to rally against Russian authorities with a new song called "Track About Good Cop."
"This track is a utopian dream about alternative political reality in which instead of arresting activists and putting them in jail cops are joining activists," Pussy Riot said in a statement. "The world where cops got rid of homophobia, stopped the war on drugs and actually understood that it's much better to be joyful and nice to people."
The group also revealed that four members who ran onto the football pitch have been jailed for 15 days and received three-year bans from attending sporting events. Pussy Riot are demanding the release of lga Pahtusova, Olga Kuracheva, Nika Nikulshina and Peter Verzilov, as well as many others persecuted by the Russian government.
Watch the video for "Track About Good Cop" below.
In other Pussy Riot news, the European Court of Human Rights has also condemned the Russian government, ruling that members of Pussy Riot arrested for 2012's "Punk Prayer" protest were treated unfairly.

As BBC reports, Russia violated five articles of the human rights convention, including transporting them in overcrowded conditions, using humiliation as a tactic in court, restricting access to legal representation, blocking the group's videos online, and criticizing their conduct and clothing.