Push Kings Feel No Fade

The Push Kings are a unique band. Their sound is completely original (so they claim) and is filled with some of the sweetest, most absurd pop hooks ever. Sounding somewhere between Hanson's "Mmm...Bop!" and the Jackson 5, with indie credentials, this band is everything the Top 40 needs. Once part of a teeny bopper magazine's "Cute Band Alert" (seriously!), the Push Kings have everything required to join the ranks of boy-band superstars, except for the fact that they play their own instruments and have a photo of a naked Playmate inside their sleeve. So, if you look past those two flaws, which are their talent and dirty minds, you have a new musical success story. Feel No Fade, their third album, has songs for the kids ("Rocket 'N' Ride," a song for youngsters that like to build model rockets), teenage girls (the drool-filled love song "I Hate Everyone But You") and teenage boys ("Born Stoned," for the high school dudes who live on the wild side). As for a leadoff single, well, "Beat Girl (And Me)" is a perfect choice. This is a prime, New Kids on the Block-style dance song, complete with the background vocals of "We go together!" Picture "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)" with a hip-hop beat and some laser-zapping noises and you're halfway there. If you're not a fan of any of these aforementioned bands, because, well, you're over the age of nine, the Push Kings are still a fun band that knows how to get the party started. (Le Grand Magistery)