Purity Ring 'Shrines' (album stream)

Purity Ring 'Shrines' (album stream)
Though they were born out of renowned Edmontonian party pop crew Born Gold, duo Purity Ring have carved out their own niche and, in the process, a worldwide fanbase. That's why their debut album Shrines is, to say the least, a pretty big deal.

The album will officially drop on July 24 via Last Gang/4AD, but we've arranged a stream of the entire album.

Many of these tracks, including the band's career-making "Ungirthed" and "Belispeak" singles, have been previously released, but there's a lot of fantastic new material to dig into as well, including the enormous mid-tempo opener "Crawlersout" and the warped sing-along "Amenamy."

While they definitely sound post-something, whether that something is dubstep or witch house, there's something much bigger going on with Purity Ring. It doesn't just sound like something new -- it sounds like the future of pop music.

Check out Shrines in its entirety below and head here for the band's upcoming North American tour dates. Also, head here to pre-order the album on vinyl, here for CD and here for iTunes.