PUP "Reservoir"

PUP 'Reservoir'
Back when PUP were still known as Topanga, they released a single through Hollerado's Royal Mountain Records. Now, they've signed with the same label under the new name and rolled out another track.

"Reservoir" isn't a huge departure from PUP's previously unveiled "Lionheart," although it adds a bit more post-hardcore-influenced aggression into the band's fiery power-pop sound. It was recorded live off the floor, and singer Stefan Babcock said in a press release, "'Reservoir' is about taking responsibility for your own happiness, and not letting people dick you around and bring you down just cause they're too lazy to try and change."

The band's debut album will be out this fall through Royal Mountain. It was recorded with Dave Schiffman (Weezer, Red Hot Chili Peppers).