Punks Thank You for the Alternative Rock

As the self-proclaimed "#1 noise jam band,” experimentalists the Punks certainly have a lot to prove with such a designation. Founded by Kill Rock Stars and 5 Rue Christine label-head Slim Moon, this collective approached their debut album without an approach, really, using simple abandon and a variety of instruments and tools for making noise. Allegedly the result of experimental party jams where the members would assemble and convulsively form sounds out of slapdash creativity, the Punks really blur the boundaries between the avant-garde and the absurd. Thank You for the Alternative Rock is a tongue-in-cheek effort filled with a number of boundless sound explorations and pisses being taken. The songs are suspiciously pretentious, using such illogical titles as "Rock and Roll Punks Rock Rock and Roll” and "Jean Travolta,” while refusing to name five of the 12 songs. They even confuse with a song called "Drop it Like it’s Hot,” which could very well go down in the books as the least faithful cover ever. While some noise fanatics may find a loophole to deem this an endearing project, there are just too many discrepancies to give it merit as an enjoyable noise record. Dicking around in a studio does not always constitute quality. (5RC)