Punk Rock Bowling Fest Claims Winners Defrauded Them of Prize Money

Punk Rock Bowling Fest Claims Winners Defrauded Them of Prize Money
In addition to running a knock-out pop punk fest, Las Vegas' annual Punk Rock Bowling event also includes an amateur bowling competition. The results of the latter festivities have apparently been soured, with PRB reps now reporting that a winning team of "overqualified" pin strikers defrauded the fest of thousands of dollars.

A post from Punk Rock Bowling over the weekend claims that the team who won last month's tournament did not properly disclose their bowling averages, actually understating their rank. Bowler Adam Neilson had registered the "GIRLS" team of Allan Hessler, John Guentener, Josh George and himself last January after asking whether their cumulative scratch average of 616 was too high.

The fest now claims that it later found via a "thorough investigation" out that Neilson and George hadn't disclosed that they took part in an "unsanctioned," "high rolling" bowling league, further claiming that their team, which ended up substituting Hessler with a bowler named Dave Pilson, had an average of about 753.

"Had they actually been honest and emailed us with the real averages for their team, they would not have been allowed to enter PRB because their team would have been inappropriately stacked with 4 very strong bowlers that would put the entire PRB field at an unfair disadvantage," Punk Rock Bowling wrote in their statement.

The actual amount that "GIRLS" won is unclear, but the competition gives out a total of $15,000 in prize money. Punk Rock Bowling alleges that after being confronted about their bowling statuses and the idea of returning the prize money, the "GIRLS" team said they won the event "fair and square."

"We offered them the opportunity to return the money and avoid any public revelation of the dispute and the details of their dishonesty. However, they chose to keep the money, because, after all, that's all they really care about."

Other contestants had allegedly questioned whether the team was a bunch of ringers, but Punk Rock Bowling gave the team their money before conducting a follow-up investigation.

The amateur sports competition has now gone ahead a posted the offending bowlers' personal Facebook and Instagram accounts, encouraging the thousand bowlers that took part in the event to give "GIRLS" their opinion on "cheating."

As for the musical side of things, the punk rock portion of last month's Punk Rock Bowling featured performances from Rancid, Refused, Anti-Flag, Agnostic Front, Sick of it All, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, Dropkick Murphys and many more.