Puig Destroyer "No One Care About Your Fantasy Team"

Puig Destroyer 'No One Care About Your Fantasy Team'
You know what's great? Major League Baseball. Fans can talk stats, eat a hot dog and watch the crack of the bat for hours. Take that action out of the diamond and into the ether with a fantasy league, though, and you've got one pretty ridiculous twist on America's favourite past time. It's this that Puig Destroyer lash out against on new number "No One Care About Your Fantasy Team."

Landing hard like a Louisville Slugger to the gut are both detuned guitar damage and a menacing, meter-changing pace. Mike Minnick, meanwhile, castigates anyone that dares bore him with the details of their dream team with a vicious and succinct summation: "No one cares!"

"This isn't a slam on fantasy baseball — we all enjoy it," the band's Ian Miller said in a statement. "But I can't think of anything I want to hear about less than someone else's fantasy team. Maybe the dream you had last night, or what you had for breakfast. Literally no one but you cares. This song is a reminder to shut the hell up about it."

Puig Destroyer have their self-titled LP coming our way September 20 through No Sleep Records, just in time for the MLB post-season.