Public Image Limited to Record New Material If Tour Successful, Give Metal Box Deluxe Reissue Treatment

Public Image Limited to Record New Material If Tour Successful, Give <i>Metal Box</i> Deluxe Reissue Treatment
The Public Image Limited reunion is turning into more serious an affair than we first thought. After initially announcing their reunion tour, PiL front-man and former Sex Pistol John Lydon revealed that the only way the reunion was possible was thanks to a goofy butter commercial he did in the UK. Now, the front-man has said that the band will record new material if their run of shows is successful.

"Yes, if I raise the money from this, I most definitely will [record new material]," Lydon said in an interview with BBC 6 Music. "But what you've got to understand with Public Image Ltd is that every single time we recorded we only had one take, no money."

Always one to stir the pot, Lydon then went into a backstory that includes a subtle jab at the Jam. "The Jam would pull out of Goldhawk Road [home of Townhouse Studios] - they're writing their new hit wonderful album because they have lots of record company backing," Lydon said. "We knew they'd left, so we'd run in, quickly record it, that's it, and that's Metal Box for you and that's basically the John Lydon approach to music - wham bam thank you mam."

Whether or not they pursue new material is yet to be seen, but the "John Lydon approach to music" can be explored further with two deluxe reissues of the seminal 1979 PiL album Metal Box. One is a triple-disc set, while the other is a quadruple-disc rarities version called Plastic Box. Both will be available on December 14 in the UK, though there is no word yet of a North American release.

Metal Box:

Disc 1:

1. "Albatross"

2. "Memories"

3. "Swan Lake"

 Disc 2:

1. "Poptones"

2. "Careering"

3. "No Birds"

4. "Graveyards"

5. "The Suit"

 Disc 3:

1. "Bad Boy"

2. "Socialist"

3. "Chant"

4. "Radio 4"

Plastic Box:

Disc 1:

1. "Public Image"

2. "The Cowboy Song"

3. "Theme"

4. "Religion I"

5. "Religion II"

6. "Annalisa"

7. "Low Life"

8. "Attack"

9. "Poptones (BBC Peel Session)"

10. "Careering (BBC Peel Session)"

11. "Chant (BBC Peel Session)"

12. "Death Disco" (12-inch Remix)

13. "1/2 Mix Megamix"

14. "No Birds Do Sing"

15. "Memories"

Disc 2:

1. "Another"

2. "Albatross"

3. "Socialist"

4. "The Suit"

5. "Bad Baby"

6. "Radio 4"

7. "Pied Piper"

8. "Flowers of Romance"

9. "Four Enclosed Walls"

10. "Phenagen"

11. "Track 8"

12. "Hymie"s Him"

13. "Under The House"

14. "Banging The Door"

15. "Go Back"

16. "Francis Massacre"

17. "Home Is Where The Heart Is"

Disc 3:

1. "This Is Not a Love Song" (12-inch Remix)

2. "Blue Water"

3. "Bad Life" (Single version)

4. "Question Mark"

5. "Solitaire"

6. "Tie Me To The Length Of That"

7. "Where Are You?"

8. "The Pardon"

9. "1981"

10. "The Order of Death"

11. "FFF"

12. "Rise"

13. "Fishing"

14. "Round"

15. "Home"

16. "Ease"

Disc 4:

1. "Seattle"

2. "Angry"

3. "The Body" (US 12-inch Mix)

4. "Selfish Rubbish "

5. "Disappointed"

6. "Happy"

7. "Warrior" (12-inch Extended Version)

8. "USLS 1"

9. "Don't Ask Me"

10. "Criminal"

11. "Luck's Up"

12. "God"

13. "Cruel" (BBC Mark Goodier Session)

14. "Acid Drops" (BBC Mark Goodier Session)

15. "Love Hope" (BBC Mark Goodier Session)

16. "Think Tank" (BBC Mark Goodier Session)