Chuck D Sued by Flavor Flav over Unpaid Public Enemy Royalties

Chuck D Sued by Flavor Flav over Unpaid Public Enemy Royalties
Coming as some shocking news, the Public Enemy camp has just been split in two, as Flavor Flav has just hit fellow co-founder Chuck D with a lawsuit over unpaid royalties.

As TMZ reports, Flav has filed a lawsuit against Chuck D, claiming that — despite the pair having a long-standing agreement to share profits from their music, concerts and merch — Flav hasn't seen royalty cheques in years.

According to the report, Flav, who co-wrote many of the group's tracks, is especially sour since he alleges Chuck D is still getting paid.

Adding to all this, the lawsuit states Flav's voice and image were used without his consent on the last Public Enemy album, this year's Nothing Is Quick in the Desert. TMZ reports that Flav requested $75,000 for the album, but was only paid $7,500.

The lawsuit also names producer Gary G-Wiz over a deal made for PE action figures without Flav's consent.

Flavor Flav is suing Chuck D, Gary G-Wiz, and several other of the group's managers and producers for lost profits and to stop using his image.

As of yet, Chuck D and the Public Enemy camp has yet to comment publicly over the allegations.

UPDATE (8/31, 10:15 p.m. EDT): Chuck D has now responded to the lawsuit, telling TMZ, "Flav has his rights, but took a wrong road on this." This being said, Chuck D said Public Enemy will remain together. "We will be [together] on a future stage," he said, adding Flav "will again be embarrassed admitting on stage about the way it spun out. It's always this way with him."