PS I Love You Dwell on 'Death Dreams' for Sophomore Album

PS I Love You Dwell on 'Death Dreams' for Sophomore Album
PS I Love You's Meet Me at the Muster Station was one of the strongest debut albums in recent memory, Canadian or otherwise, so it was no surprise that it landed a spot on our list of the best records of 2010. Now, the fuzz-rocking Ontario duo have announced their sophomore album, Death Dreams, which is due out on May 8 via Paper Bag Records.

A press release explains that the album's 11 songs were inspired by life on the road, and the morbid reoccurring dreams that frontman Paul Saulnier had while on tour. The opening instrumental cut is based on a death march contained from one of these dreams.

Death Dreams reportedly finds the band branching out stylistically, and "The songs are longer in length this time around with more unpredictable changes and parts," says the PR. Like Muster Station, the album was recorded with Matt Rogalsky using his portable studio in the band's practice room.

Expect the single "Don't Go," featuring backup vocals from drummer Benjamin Nelson for the first time, to be unveiled soon. For now, check out the cover above and the tracklist below.

Death Dreams:

1. "Death Dreams"
2. "Sentimental Dishes"
3. "Don't Go"
4. "Toronto"
5. "Future Dontcare"
6. "Death Dreams II"
7. "How Do You"
8. "Princess Towers"
9. "Red Quarter"
10. "Saskatoon"
11. "First Contact"