Protest the Hero's Rody Walker Wrote a Song About the Toronto Maple Leafs

"BeLeaf" will surely soothe the sting of another early playoff exit
Protest the Hero's Rody Walker Wrote a Song About the Toronto Maple Leafs
While the current success of another Toronto pro sports franchise is hard to ignore these days, Protest the Hero vocalist Rody Walker isn't ready to give up hope for his Toronto Maple Leafs despite another quick playoff exit this year.

Walker has shared a new solo single titled "BeLeaf," a folk-indebted tribute to the NHL team that finds him name-checking Leafs contract holdout William Nylander, handsomely paid coach Mike Babcock and expressive hockey YouTuber Steve Dangle.

"BeLeaf" features Walker's Protest the Hero bandmate Mike Ieradi on drums, while his Mystery Weekend bandmate Dan Hay comes through with a guitar solo. The track also features work from collaborators Milen Petzelt-Sorace and Dean Hadjichristou.

"The day after the Leafs lost game 7 to Boston (again) I sat down, hungover, with my ukulele and wrote/recorded this song," Walker recalled in an Instagram caption. "After some thought I removed the copious amount of cussing from it and sent it to [Ieradi] to add drums. He suggested I send it to [Hay] for a real ignorant solo, and [Hay] did just that, plus a lot more. After a little bit of advice from Ol' [Petzelt-Sorace] I sent it to [Hadjichristou] who really spit polished this hog, and thus here she be."

You can hear "BeLeaf" in the player below.

Protest the Hero are presently at work on their fifth studio album after postponing recording sessions last year