Prince Bill Pulled from Minnesota Legislature

Prince Bill Pulled from Minnesota Legislature
Inspired by the death of Prince, a Minnesota politician proposed the Personal Rights in Names Can Endure law (a.k.a. the PRINCE Act) earlier this month, hoping to curtail attempts to cash in on the singer's image with unauthorized merchandise.
Now, as Billboard reports, the bill has been set aside. There had been a push to get the law passed before the current house session ended, with some voicing concern that the bill moving to quickly and could lead to "unintended consequences."
It was initially introduced by Republican Rep. Joe Hoppe, whose jurisdiction includes Prince's Paisley Park property, as a means of protecting the name and likeness of deceased people against commercial ventures.
Hoppe has since pulled the proposed PRINCE Act and hopes to return in the next session with a new bill.

Until then, bust out the bedazzler and rock those homemade Prince shirts without fear of repercussion.