Propagandhi, Rancid and Alexisonfire Top Exclaim! Readers' Favourite Punk Albums of 2009

Propagandhi, Rancid and Alexisonfire Top Exclaim! Readers' Favourite Punk Albums of 2009
Exclaim! Readers' Favourite Punk Albums of 2009:

1. Propagandhi
2. Rancid
3. Alexisonfire
4. Green Day
5. Gallows
7. Fucked Up
8. Japandroids
9. Obits

1. Propagandhi Supporting Caste (Smallman)

"Beer swilling, hockey watching, politically driven thrash. Quite frankly, one of the best punk albums in years."
Adam Dodds, Woodstock Ontario

"It's hard for a band to release a great album where practically no song has a real distinct chorus. Propagandhi did it, and even if it takes a couple of listens before you get into it, you will. Supporting Caste is everything punk rock should be: pissed, fast and loud."
Jean-Philippe Gaulin, Bishopton Quebec

"Don;t even know if it is a 2009 album, but holy hell, it is a great one. Like a fine prairie wine, these guys keep getting better with age."
Ross Machon, Toronto Ontario

"The perfect blend of old and new-school Propagandhi. The melodies of Less Talk, More Rock are clearly evident, but the metal-esque crunch of Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes blend to make this record both a favourite for hardcore fans as well as accessible for newcomers."
James Vanoostven, Ancaster Ontario

"I seriously can't think of a better addition to Canadian punk since D.O.A. in '81. Music can make a difference... if you let it."
Rain Pakota, Toronto Ontario

"Perfect. The boys are pluckin' their strings, bangin' the drums and singing their hearts out better than ever"
Matt Robb, London Ontario

"Few bands are able to develop so much in such a short time and make a leap from an angry, power chord punk band to something so brilliant. 15 years later and Propagandhi have produced their masterpiece."
Shane Saunderson, Toronto Ontario

2. Rancid Let the Dominoes Fall (Epitaph)

"Fun, fun, fun. After the Clash there is no greater punk band."
Jeffrey Greening, Redvers Saskatchewan

"This album shows Rancid's style from punk to ska. Not one bad song on this album."
Ian Robertson, Toronto Ontario

"They still have it! We were lucky enough to catch them this summer at the Molson Amp... we didn't bother to stay for the headliner, I can't even remember who it was but Rancid was incredible!"
Kelly Pollock-Clemett, Toronto Ontario

"'Simply because they've stuck it out. No-bullshit pop punk, no rock operatics and no desperate pretensions of angst-pop blowhards. Like some '90s pop punks."
Nicholas Boshart, Toronto Ontario

3. Alexisonfire Old Crows/Young Cardinals (Dine Alone)

"A band that progresses and matures with each album. Easily their best, the shift to hardcore and straight-up punk suits them far better than the screamo/emo label they carried before."
Scott Wolfe, Winnipeg Manitoba

"Great record, very exciting direction, sonically stimulating."
Brent Peters, Windsor Ontario

"Alexisonfire's latest album is more mature and definitely one of their best releases. Less screaming, more lyrics."
Justine Ulman, Kitchener Ontario

"Stellar album, the switch up in the vocals department gave the band a fresh tone yet they still held onto the raw, yet passion fired sound."
Justin Jadunath, Vancouver BC

4. Green Day 21st Century Breakdown (Reprise) (Domino)

"I absolutely love Green Day. They're just not afraid to say what needs to be said."
Megan Lonechild, Brandon Manitoba

"It's wonderful because it's edgy."
Erin Deli, Toronto Ontario

"Hands down. An epic album that inspired a broadway play. One of the best-constructed punk albums for a while. His lyrics speak wonders of a new generation."
Harrison Fine, Toronto Ontario

"'Punk becomes dad rock. Dad's how long GD has been around."
Claude Roichaud, Moncton, New Brunswick

5. Gallows Grey Britain (Reprise)

"A biting, seriously venomous album, Grey Britain seethes with anger over the ills of modern Britain, including binge drinking, violent crimes and lying, cheating politicos. Frank Carter's lyrics scream with unrelenting indignation. Aces, lads!"
Wayne Yuzik, Saskatoon Saskatchewan

"Piss and vinegar does not begin to describe the level of spite this album puts forth. It's a welcome leap into the future for punk that also seems to be very aware of the long legacy of pissed-off punkers of Britain's past. A kick in the nads from lads who might just make punk dangerous again."
J.F. Allard, La Prairie Quebec

"'Like Refused's The Shape Of Punk To Come, this album is another game-changer, rethinking the shape and confines of punk music for the new decade. Astounding."
Jeffrey P. Nesker, Toronto Ontario

"Through a cloud of dust at Warped Tour a rabid ginger and his two wild guitarists blazed their way through their catalogue, deep in the middle of an insane circle pit. Hands down the best performance I have ever seen. I was ready to be let down by their sophomore album, instead I discovered the most passionate piece of punk brilliance since Refused broke my heart."
Dustin Blumhagen, Galahad Alberta

6. NOFXCoaster (Fat Wreck)

"NOFX are at it again with another gem of an album. If punk had a deity, it would be NOFX!"
Mike Magee, Thunder Bay Ontario

"NOFX are one of the best comical bands out there. They will always be #1 in my heart ;)"
Lucy Field, Kelowna BC

"They have been a backbone staple to all my punk early years. Miss them, haven't anything new or great as their old school days, but are a staple amongst punk listeners around..."
Corey De Bungie, Chilliwack BC

7. Fucked Up The Chemistry of Common Life (Matador)

(*Editor's Note: The Chemistry of Common Life came out in 2008.)
"Anything these guys do is good. And they're a local Toronto band so I can't complain. The punk scene has never been better in Toronto with these guys around."
Sam Nedelkos, Scarborough Ontario

"He's even more punk than me."
Jean-Etienne Sheehy, Meteghan River Nova Scotia

"Its so f-ing epic."
Brittany Boersma, Toronto Ontario

8. Japandroids Post-Nothing (Unfamiliar)

"Difficult to put this into a genre, but Japandroids definitely broke out on the scene with a bang, utterly destroying the chances of any other band securing a best of the year nomination. Unrefined, low-production but full of passion and skill, Post-Nothing puts most other debut albums to shame."
Dustin Bell, Waterloo Ontario

"Okay, maybe calling Japandroids punk isn't completely accurate, but it definitely has some punk elements. Punk but with a laid-back Vancouver attitude."
Kyra Faber, Burnaby BC

"Probably not true punk, but what is anymore? Big things for two regular guys who like to jam. Infectious melodies and catchy songs from a two-piece. A match made in heaven? Ask the cigar!"
Callum MacConnell, Vancouver BC

9. Obits I Blame You (Sub Pop)

"I believe Drive Like Jehu is one of the greatest bands of all time, recorded, and especially live. Rick Froberg, guitarist, vocalist and songwriter, went on to form Hot Snakes, which seemed to be more of a straightforward version of DLJ. The songs never really seemed to go anywhere. While Obits don't have the volume of DLJ or Hot Snakes, the songs are well written and still rock out. I don't know if this is punk, but it makes me fell the way I do when I listen to old punk records."
Ryan Hough, Ottawa Ontario

"Froberg, you've done it again!"
Danny Gordon, Winnipeg Manitoba

"Rick Froberg is a work-horse. The graphic designer has found time to get together with some of his Brooklyn, NY friends (one of whom is Sohrab Habibion, ex-EDSEL) and write another terrific 'punk' album. Now, when wind was made of this new Froberg-fronted group, many of us were wanting another Drive Like Jehu or Hot Snakes, but what we got were 12 songs with all the noise and fury of said bands, none lasting more than just over the four minute mark. The songs had feeling, grit and of course, the patented Froberg-guitar-slide. It doesn't seem like it was just put together for the sake of it, there is a feeling of a complete band (even Habibion gets in on the vocals, singing the song "Run") that all have their say in what happens, or doesn't happen, with the songs. If Froberg can be contented, this is a band that we will be hearing about again and again in the future."
Harris Leach, Thunder Bay Ontario