Promoe Government Music

With their Superrappin' compilations, German label Groove Attack have shown a keen interest and good taste in underground North American hip-hop. This release proves that they're not blind to dope material surfacing in their European backyard. Promoe is a Swedish MC who is a member of four-man crew Looptroop, who, by the sound of this record, walks around constantly looking over his shoulder. A serious siege mentality pervades the record as titles such as "Freedom Fighter," "Conspiracy" and "Urban Guerilla Warfare" convey. The rage fuelling his lyrics is tangible as he rails against the "mass media misleading ya" on "Prime Time" and is elevated when he's joined by fellow Looptroop MCs Cos.mic and Supreme, on the ridiculously dope "Injected." Looptrop producer EmBee constantly brings tracks that alternately complement the lyrical manifestations of conspiracy theories ("THX 1138"), or sublimely reflect introspective states ("Positive and Negative"). And the latent reggae influence that percolates throughout is finally allowed to bloom on the refreshing "What's That Sound," punctuating the proficiency of this impressive release. (Groove Attack)