Prizm Surfacing

For Surfacing, Prizm has responded to the overwhelming criticism that his otherwise enjoyable debut was a little long and bipartite. Mostly absent on the follow-up are the upbeat songs that marked the first half of his debut, resulting in a very mellow sophomore album that is a classic example of emo rap. Primarily, Prizm prefers the subject matter of loves lost and found, although with much more attention paid to the former. Along for the ride is Eunnie — better known as wacky Elena Juatco, one of the ten Canadian Idol wild card competitors this year — who helps add some soulful emotion to a few choruses. So, it’s no surprise to find that the best of Prizm’s rap ballads are "Dear Love” and "Isabel,” both featuring Eunnie. However, Prizm opts to start the album on a different note with "One Two Three,” an homage to The Muppet Show that claims "this shit bangs with a message,” and continues with the reggae-influenced jammy "The Game of Life” and a not-so-funky "Get Funky Now.” If this CD is playing at a party, stop there. The rest is solo listening for those moments after a break up. Well, with the exception of one of the three bonus tracks, "It’s Over (Don’t Be Afraid),” which builds a great beat from some symphony music. Surfacing is an improvement over Elitist Music for Aliens, but ends up more focused towards a particular niche market. (Kayce)