Prince Celebrated with New Online Museum

Prince Celebrated with New Online Museum
Recently, fanatic collectors have been shelling out major money for Prince-related memorabilia like test presses of the Black Album and the musician's iconic "yellow cloud" guitar. But now, fans can appreciate the Purple One's legacy in a much more affordable way.
The Prince Online Museum launched today (July 4), curating a collection of the singer's official websites from the last 20 years.
Directed by Sam Jennings, who was the webmaster for Prince's NPG digital music club, the archive is currently exhibiting 12 of Prince's most popular website iterations.
"We launch with 12 of Prince's most popular sites, but over 20 years online, Prince launched nearly 20 different websites, maintained a dozen different social media presences, participated in countless online chats and directly connected with fans around the world," Jennings said in an official statement.
He continued to explain that the new online museum was built by people who created the original websites and that it is operating as a "labour of love" — so don't expect any membership fees or for-sale downloads.
Many of Prince's websites were launched in conjunction with album releases, serving as an integral part of his creative process. In addition to a number of NPG websites, and are available to peruse, as are earlier projects like, and
Take a trip through the World Wide Web's history by visiting the Prince Online Museum here.