Prince's New Power Generation Reunite for Tour

Prince's New Power Generation Reunite for Tour
Prince's backing band the Revolution recently unveiled plans for a North American tour, but they aren't the Purple One's only backing outfit to hit the road. As Billboard reports, the New Power Generation are set to reunite and announce a tour for 2017.

Billboard notes that the band's decision comes after positive crowd reaction to their performance at a Prince tribute show in Minneapolis last October. New Power Generation are also set to play the four-day "Celebration 2017" at Prince's Paisley Park estate on April 24.

The band will then play their own solo show at Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center in California on May 22. Billboard reports that dates in the United States and Europe will follow, along with plans to write a potential new record. The shows will see New Power Generation perform songs from across Prince's career.

"It's celebrating Prince. The fan is key," keyboardist Morris Hayes told the publication. "That's the music they want to hear. It was a big family and the family has a lot of kids in it. The songs are the kids and we do them in service of the fans." 

Billboard has also revealed that New Power Generation Jill Willis, who co-managed Prince in the early '90s, discovered a handwritten press release from the Purple One praising the members of his backing band, even naming bassist Sonny Thompson his "musical idol."

The New Power Generation were Prince's band both live and in studio through the 1990s and 2000s, appearing on albums such as Graffiti BridgeDiamonds and PearlsLove Symbol Album and more.