Prince's Love Symbol Tops Best "Band" Logo

Prince's Love Symbol Tops Best 'Band' Logo
Yes, AOL's Spinner has been nice enough to do the job that both Spin and NME have yet to do: name the 25 best band logos of all time. All kidding aside, there are some real surprises to be found in this list: Phish ahead of Ramones, H.I.M. ahead of Phish, Scissor Sisters at number seven - what? But Prince is the overall winner, somehow edging out the lovely lips of the Stones with that love symbol.

In case you're wondering how they can justify this list, other than to try and complete the never-ending task all music publications keep trucking away at, they've included a statement that reads: "A band's logo can be just as memorable as its biggest single." Sad but true, I guess (considering H.I.M. are in there and for the life of me I cannot name one of "his" singles but can certainly identify that logo branded on Bam Margera's ass - or is it lips? - ed).

The mighty list:

25. Ramones
24. Nine Inch Nails
23. Public Enemy
22. Korn
21. Aerosmith
20. Black Flag
19. Phish
18. H.I.M.
17. The Beatles
16. Bauhaus
15. The Cramps
14. Metallica
13. ABBA
12. Wu-Tang Clan
11. Queen
10. Van Halen
9. The Misfits
8. The Grateful Dead
7. Scissor Sisters
6. AC/DC
5. The Who
3. Yes
2. The Rolling Stones
1. Prince