Prince's Blocked 'Deliverance' EP Leaks

Prince's Blocked 'Deliverance' EP Leaks
Today (April 21) marks the one year anniversary of Prince's death, but the event has been marred somewhat due to some legal troubles involving a new EP from the late Purple One. Yet despite all those issues in court, the Deliverance EP has ended up leaking anyway.

If you take a look online, the EP of previously unreleased material is easily attainable via various torrent and file-sharing sites. We won't point out where you can find the record, but trust us that it's easy to find.

This comes as Paisley Park Enterprises has filed a lawsuit to block its release, which was to arrive via Vancouver-WA indie RMA today. After the EP got pulled from iTunes earlier this week, a federal U.S. judge granted the estate's request for a restraining order, effectively blocking the release.

George Ian Boxill — who co-wrote and co-produced EP's songs with Prince between 2006 and 2008 — was also ordered to turn over the recordings to the estate.

The restraining order expires on May 3 unless there is an extension, and another hearing is schedule to address the case before then.

However, what the court ultimately decides probably doesn't really matter at this point, as the Deliverance EP is out there in the world whether the estate likes it or not.