Prince Zimboo "Say Heh"

Prince Zimboo 'Say Heh'
No, he's not Willie Mays. Beyond that, nobody's sure. Prince Zimboo is featured on the most hilarious cut on the Major Lazer album, rhyming (with toy alligator in hand) over the AutoTuned crying baby that forms "Baby." He may hail from somewhere in Africa; his MySpace page claims he's from "D'bush" in Jamaica. An article in Slate outs him as the alter ego of dancehall producer Asani Morris.

Zimboo claims he's got 999 wives, which is why "he never takes matters into his own hands." Dude's got three main concerns, sex (not limited to his wives, but definitely excluding men), the pointlessness of masturbation (see previous) and his unlimited, uncontrollable popularity.

"Heh!" is his catchphrase, so much so that he ends every sentence with it. Naturally the song starts (and ends) from there. Other MySpace-hosted classics to be include "Love Diarrhea" ("my love for you is like diarrhea, I can't hold it in") and "Light Switch" ("you might not look good in the day, but your beauty is only a light switch away").

Slate compares him to Borat; a caricature who lampoons Western stereotypes of otherness, but Zimboo's wordplay is more culturally specific, with historical antecedents in broad, bawdy humour that characterizes so many Jamaican folksongs and theatrical productions.

"Say Heh," like so many novelty songs, isn't really about the music. Nobody's going to (ahem) lose their shit on the dance floor to his not-quite-earthshaking rhythms. But now that Diplo is a champion, expect to see him spread his love all over the world.

Click here to download Prince Zimboo's "Say Heh," courtesy of Generation Bass.