Prince Ordered to Pay $3 Million for Cancelled Irish Concert

Prince Ordered to Pay $3 Million for Cancelled Irish Concert
In a ruling made earlier this morning (March 6), a judge in Dublin, Ireland ordered Minnesota funk freak Prince to cough up $3 million Canadian to Irish concert promoters for having bailed on a June 2008 concert at Dublin's 82,300-seat Croke Park.

As the Irish Times reports, the singer backed out of the show being put on by MCD productions just days before it was scheduled to happen and after more than 55,000 of the tickets had been sold. Following his withdrawal from the show, Prince and MCD confidentially settled on an amount owed to the promoters for his no-show, which Prince never paid.

MCD claims to have paid Prince half of his upfront $3 million fee, not to mention $961,287 to rent the concert venue.

In some related news, the Star Tribune points out that the Purple One also owes more than half a million in back taxes, interest and fines for a dozen properties, including $221,891.88 on Paisley Park Studios in Chanhassen, MN. Prince is one of many names that showed up in the newspaper the Chaska Herald last week for owing taxes from 2009, though Prince's debt exceeded all others by a sizable margin.

Prince has yet to issue a statement about either incident. Maybe he's busy penning an anthem for another Minnesota sports team.