Prefuse 73 and Yeasayer's Jason "Jaytram" Trammell Team Up for Epstein Remix Album

Prefuse 73 and Yeasayer's Jason 'Jaytram' Trammell Team Up for Epstein Remix Album
Roberto Carlos Lange is not likely a name you're familiar with, but there's a good chance you've heard his work. The Florida-born artist is a member of Guillermo Scott Herren's Savath and Savalas, and he also produced Bear in Heaven's 2009 standout Beast Rest Forth Mouth. In addition to that, he's a member of Asthmatic Kitty group Helado Negro. Still, his main works comes via his freaked-out weirdo hip-hop project Epstein.

For ten years, Lange has regularly put out albums as Epstein, though they've been Japan-only releases until recently. Asthmatic Kitty recently made all of his previous work available on iTunes in preparation for two forthcoming LPs on the label. Better yet, the label asked Yeasayer drummer Jason Trammell (aka Jaytram) and Herren's Prefuse 73 project to comb through Epstein's back catalogue, producing an album's worth of re-imagined material.

A press release explains:

These two creators are less worried about a notion of sanctity of the original and instead are visionaries with the material, engineering something previously unimaginable. There are about one million adjectives needed to try to cartograph a tangible roadmap to where this record leads, but we would rather you just take your own journey.

The remixes will be made available on a digital-only release simply called Prefuse 73/Jaytram/Epstein. The album will be available as a pay-what-you-want download from Epstein's Bandcamp page on December 13. For now, check out Jaytram's "you know they out" here and Prefuse 73's "Seite campanas de la Serenidad" here.

Prefuse 73/Jaytram/Epstein:

1. Jaytram "haunted hotel beat"

2. Jaytram "learning dream"

3. Jaytram "Joy me"

4. Jaytram "you know they out"

5. Jaytram "sleep watching clouds"

6. Jaytram "passing threw - Jaytram"

7. Prefuse 73 "Moda de hormigón"

8. Prefuse 73 "Enfermo abrazos"

9. Prefuse 73 "Un montón de flotando"

10. Prefuse 73 "Temporal tempo"

11. Prefuse 73 "Mar del Enfermo abrazos"

12. Prefuse 73 "Cuando nos escondemos"

13. Prefuse 73 "Seite campanas de la Serenidad"

Epstein- Arrival to New York from Asthmatic Kitty on Vimeo.