Pre-Sunn 0))), Foo Fighters Band Brotherhood Getting Anthology Release On Southern Lord

Pre-Sunn 0))), Foo Fighters Band Brotherhood Getting Anthology Release On Southern Lord
Seattle straight edge hardcore history is set to be preserved on feted metal imprint Southern Lord, with news that label founder Greg Anderson's old band Brotherhood are being treated to an anthology release. Though a firm due date has yet to arrive, the all-encompassing package arrives on deluxe LP and digitally this September as Till Death.

A press release confirms that the upcoming release will feature remastered versions of the tracks found on the band's Brotherhood of Friends demo and 1989's No Tolerance for Ignorance EP. A similar collection had been released as Words Run...As Thick As Blood! in the late '80s through European label Crucial Response, but this will be the first North American release to compile the material.

Though a photo of the test pressing delivered on Brotherhood's Facebook page a few months ago reveals the tracklisting is the same for Till Death, a post from earlier today (June 19) states that the remastered platter is "so much heavier." There's also a chance that bonus material of some sort will be available during pre-orders ("for early buyers the bonus is sick").

Formed in 1987 by False Liberty and Inner Strength vocalist Greg Anderson, Brotherhood found the musician picking up a guitar to tackle politically minded hardcore alongside drummer Victor Hart bassist Ken Hagel and frontman John White. White and Hagel later left the band, with their respective positions filled by Ron Guardipee and bassist Nate Mendel, who would later go on to play for Christ on a Crutch, Sunny Day Real Estate and, of course, Foo Fighters. This is the lineup captured on Till Death, with all of the recordings having been tracked at Seattle's Music Blank Studio in November of 1988.

Throughout their brief run, the band weighed in on topics that ranged from straight edge to confronting racism, sexism and intolerance. Brotherhood broke up in1989. Apart from Mendel's future bands and Sunn 0))), members would also go on to play in Engine Kid, Goatsnake, Resolution, Digh Down and Burning Witch.

Till Death:

1. The Deal
2. Brealking the Ice
3. Stolen Mind
4. Gain
5. Three Things
6. Till Death
7. Courage
8. No Tolerance (For Ignorance)
9. Support
10. Get Involved
11. Won't Turn Our Backs