Pre-Thermals Project Hutch and Kathy Reissued for Record Store Day

Pre-Thermals Project Hutch and Kathy Reissued for Record Store Day
Before there was the Thermals, there was Hutch and Kathy, a duo consisting band mambers Hutch Harris and Kathy Foster. The longtime collaborators will be revisiting their old project this spring for a Record Store Day reissue on April 18 through Jealous Butcher Records.

While the Thermals focus on raucous indie rock, Hutch and Kathy were more folksy. Their self-titled album came out in 2002, and they went on to release their debut as the Thermals the very next year. This is the first time that Hutch and Kathy has been pressed on vinyl.

A press release notes [via Consequence of Sound], "Like a Thermals LP, Hutch and Kathy is catchy as hell. Like a Thermals LP, it's a lot of fun. And like the Thermals, it has the one key ingredient no other band has: Hutch and Kathy."

Hutch and Kathy will reportedly promote the reissue with a tour, although dates have yet to be announced. Below, see the vinyl tracklist for the reissue, and scroll past that to hear the harmonica-honkin' cut "In Brilliance."

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Hutch and Kathy:

A1. I Made You a Song
A2. In Brilliance
A3. Far and Lonely
A4. On the Way to Work
A5. My Unborn Beautiful
A6. You're On
A7. To Heavens
B1. Through the Day
B2. Half These Tears
B3. A Minutes Decision
B4. An Infinite Loop
B5. Days in the Years
B6. A Rich Nation
B7. I Make a Song