Power Pellut Power Pellut

With more than a tip of the hat to Melvins, Unsane and Black Sabbath, tempered with elements of modern progressive doom such as Mastodon and High On Fire's sordid messiness, Shreveport, LA's Power Pellut have a strong foundation with this six-track debut. The right influences are lined-up and displayed without any particular influence coming across too strongly. However, there's an underlying sense that despite the thickness, growling, redlined vocals and an appreciation for elongating great detuned riffs the band are still in the throes of jamming in order to get a finer sense of internal parameters. They have the ability but they're still young grasshoppers, greenhorns exposing their soft underbellies, as opposed to honing everything to an impenetrable point. Power Pellut are onto a strong amalgam of doom-y sludge but with this particular release they don't have enough crisp chops to entirely engage the intended audience. This is the perfect example of a situation where letting something stew brings out stronger flavours than the initial dose. (I'm Better Than Everyone)