M'Lady's Records Protests Pay Gap by Giving Women 23% Discount

M'Lady's Records Protests Pay Gap by Giving Women 23% Discount
According to recent research, women in the U.S. currently earn about 77 or 78 cents on the dollar compared to men. Now, Portland label M'Lady's Records has announced a unique plan to combat this problem: it's giving American women a 23 percent refund on all purchases from its mail order catalogue.

The self-described "radical feminist and willfully obstinate record company" revealed the initiative on Facebook this past Wednesday (July 8), announcing that the pricing scheme would come into effect on Saturday (July 11). The label wrote, "ALL MAILORDER placed by women living in America will be 77% of the listed price, to reflect the current gap in wage equality in this messed-up work camp we call the USA. 23% will be refunded same-day upon purchase. EQUAL RIGHTS IS EVERYONE'S BUSINESS."

A hashtag added this very reasonable stipulation: "#‎dudebrosthatcomplainwillhavetopaydouble."

An email from Brett Lyman [via A.V. Club/The Portland Mercury] noted that the Equal Pay Act was passed in 1963, but that there is still a wide gender-based disparity in pay. Lyman wrote, "Real progress would be this pricing scheme applied to the grocery store or the utility companies, but since we don't run any of those, we'll just stay here in our insane asylum and keep this going until either that number goes up significantly (like, say, to 100%) or we go down in flames (much more likely.)."

M'Lady's Records discography includes releases from Dead Moon, Mecca Normal, Tyvek and more. See the catalogue here; the female-friendly pricing model doesn't apply to F.W.O.A.H. (Friends of the Worshipfull Order of Ancient Headcoats) subscriptions, customized turntables or 7-inch storage boxes.