Port Juvee "Bleached Out Soda Pop" (video)

Port Juvee 'Bleached Out Soda Pop' (video)
Calgary's Port Juvee released their CRIMEWAVE record at the start of this month, but even though the colder months have arrived in their home city, the band are looking back on sunnier seasons in their new video for "Bleached Out Soda Pop," which Exclaim! has your first look at here.

Port Juvee have paired their surf-indebted post-punk sounds with a set of visuals that almost look to be pulled straight from a travel ad. The video cuts together shots of sandy beaches, palm trees, majestic sunsets, a surfer getting rocked by a wave, fireworks and even a parrot. If you find yourself buried under snow in the next few months, the visuals will surely help beat the winter blahs.

Port Juvee's seven-track CRIMEWAVE is out now, and can be purchased and streamed through Bandcamp here. Watch the sunny, soothing visuals for "Bleached Out Soda Pop" in the player below.

Tonight (November 25) Port Juvee will play a hometown show at Calgary's Palomino venue.