Plumes Ensemble "Early Bird"

Plumes Ensemble 'Early Bird'
A couple of years back, Flotilla spun off into the new outfit Plumes, and that project has since got its own spinoff in the form of the classical alter ego Plumes Ensemble. This project's debut album, Folk Songs and Future Loves, is coming out in December, and it can be previewed via an unmastered version of the song "Early Bird."

As the nature of this project would lead you to expect, this pastoral song is a classically minded track constructed from strings, woodwinds and vibraphone.

A press release explains, "Veronica [Charnley, vocals] wrote this song in a poorly heated practice space in Brooklyn last year. The song is inspired by Aesop's fable, The Young Man and the Swallow... It expresses how Veronica feels in late winter: that optimism, sometimes false, that spring is about to arrive. The music comes from listening to Gamelan music. As for the arrangement, some of that weirdness comes from the fact that there's Bartok and Berio songs on the record, and we were trying to make a connection with our own songs."

Hear the song below.

Stay tuned for more details on Folk Songs and Future Loves, which was funded by Canada Council for the Arts.