PJ Harvey to Premiere Let England Shake Short Films Next Week

PJ Harvey to Premiere <i>Let England Shake</i> Short Films Next Week
A couple of weeks ago, we got a sneak preview of PJ Harvey's upcoming album Let England Shake via a stream of the disquietingly upbeat ska-sampling number "Written on the Forehead." If that wasn't enough to keep you sated until the singer lets loose her latest set in February, you're probably going to get a kick out of this.

A post on Harvey's website explains that director Seamus Murphy has created music videos for each of the album's tracks. The first clip, for album cut "The Last Living Rose," will premiere on Harvey's website this Monday (December 20). You can check out a live version of the song below.

Award-winning photographer Murphy apparently put together each of the videos using "still and moving images from a 5,000 mile road trip Murphy undertook around England." The post explains that the images used in the videos will bounce between road trip footage, along with "footage and audio Murphy captured of Harvey in rehearsal and in performance."

It is as of yet unknown which will be the second song to be screened online.

Let England Shake will be released by Vagrant on February 15.