Pizza Hut Serves Up Playable Pizza Box Turntables

Pizza Hut Serves Up Playable Pizza Box Turntables
If you've ever bypassed the salad bar to devour an array of stuffed crust pies, dessert pizzas and ice cream sundaes at the Pizza Hut buffet and thought, "I just want more," the cheesy food chain may have the perfect solution. Allowing customers to pair their sick eats with sick beats, Pizza Hut has unveiled the world's first playable pizza box DJ decks.
The pizza retailer has paired up with printed electronics company Novalia to create turntables out of the classic cardboard serving apparatus, printing two scratchable decks and controls for playback, pitch, volume and crossfading right onto the box in conductive ink.
The battery-powered box can be hooked up to a computer or phone through Bluetooth, then connected to any DJ software like Serato or DJ Pro. Then you just have to select two tunes and go to work.
As of right now, the boxes will only be available at a few select locations in the UK, and exact details of the product's rollout will be revealed on Twitter. In the meantime, watch an instructional video about the decks below.
Here's hoping the team behind the pizza box turntables link up with the beat-making placemat dudes from McDonald's to give the world the fast-food fuelled music festival the world deserves next summer.