Pizza Hut Offers 75 Free MP3s With Online Orders

Pizza Hut Offers 75 Free MP3s With Online Orders
As you can likely tell, here at Exclaim! we love music. But perhaps something not so obvious is that, like the TMNT, we also share a deep passion for pizza. Yes, pizza — that cheesy, greasy, oh-so-doughy bit of pie heaven. So, needless to say, we were more than a little a pumped when we heard Pizza Hut is now offering our two loves as a package deal.

Get this. Now when you order a pie, Pizza Hut is offering a free side of 75 free song downloads. Through the promotion, customers will get to choose 50 songs of their choice from eMusic’s library, which contains some four million tracks, and another 25 from a handpicked Pizza Hut playlist. Pretty sweet, right?

But there are catches. Other than only being available in the U.S., the free download offer is also only available to those customers who place their orders online and comes as an attempt for Pizza Hut to boost the company’s internet sales. Apparently, this order method is struggling (even though Brandweek reports Pizza Hut’s online sales recently surpassed $1 billion), and the company wants to improve its web presence. In fact, the Hut wants to improve it so much that now the restaurant offers a Facebook application where hungry pizza lovers can order food directly from within their profiles. (No word on whether you need to become Pizza Hut’s friend to place the order, though.)

"They are looking to get sales anyway they can,” Ron Paul, president of food-service consultant group Technomic, told Brandweek. "[Online sales] are something they are promoting and trying to make happen. How successful it will be is another issue, because the telephone works well enough."

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