Pistol George Warren 'Oceapur 9' (album stream)

Pistol George Warren 'Oceapur 9' (album stream)
Experimental Sudbury-based pop unit Pistol George Warren are almost ready to unleash their latest record Oceapur 9, but before it officially lands next week, Exclaim! giving you a chance to stream it online.
Showing off the group's imaginative spirit, a press release explains that: "Sometime during the summer of 2013, a secret military operation designated 'Oceapur 9' was conducted somewhere within the Kootanay Mountains. Until now, the details of this mission have been fiercely guarded from the public eye."
Doing their civic duty and keeping the public informed, audio files containing accounts of "intergalactic exploitation" and "outer space espionage" are about to be unveiled in the form of Pistol George Warren's new record.
As one might expect, the 12-track bundle is an adventurous, otherworldly experience. It opens with the groove-heavy "True Believers," and takes a listener on a trip through doo-wop-infused guitar pop jams like "Light Up Your Matches," "Many Better Men" and "Salmo."

Blending vintage soul with modern rock'n'roll — and even a little honky tonk — the songs on Oceapur 9 are all brought together by insanely catchy hooks, upbeat melodies and throwbacks to classic genres.
Oceapur 9 officially arrives on June 23, and you can see the band's upcoming tour dates below. Scroll past those to give the new record an early listen in the player at the bottom of the post.
Tour dates:
07/03-05 Sudbury, ON - Northern Lights Festival Boréal
07/17 Field, ON - River & Sky
07/22 Ottawa, ON - Rainbow Bistro
07/24 Toronto, ON - The Horseshoe Tavern
07/25 Kitchener, ON - The Boathouse
07/28 Sault Ste. Marie, ON - Cafe Natura
07/29 Thunder Bay, ON - The Foundry
07/30 Winnipeg, MB - Times Change(d) High and Lonesome Club
07/31-08/02 Lac-du-Bonnet, MB - Fire & Water Festival