The Pirate Bay Reaches Record Number of Downloaders

The Pirate Bay Reaches Record Number of Downloaders
The pride/shame of Sweden, the Pirate Bay, has announced some new record-high numbers this week, revealing that users on the notorious torrent site have jumped to a whopping 22 million.

The number marks an increase of ten million users on the file-sharing site, up from about 12 million in April of this year. Earlier in 2008, Pirate Bay administrators set a target of 20 million file-sharing peers, which they hoped to reach by some point in 2009. However, only seven months into the campaign, the site appears to have surpassed its target, and the admins are more than just a little proud of themselves.

"Say it loud say it proud! ‘I am The Pirate Bay!’” reads the Pirate Bay’s blog post about the stats. "Maybe we should start talking to the Guinness book of records now? We've broken a lot of them...”

However, since we are in fact talking about pirates, one has to proceed cautiously here. Since these peg-legs don’t give interviews anymore and refuse to talk to the media, they’ve left us no choice but to just take their word for it that these numbers are indeed legit.

If they are, though, it marks quite the explosive numerical growth for the Pirate Bay, and one that’s a bit surprising considering the increasing amount of legal online alternatives available for downloading.