Pinkeye D'Gekko Rhythm & Westrn

According to the band’s press release, Pinkeye D’Gekko are in the process of conquering the college radio charts all over the U.S. But this St. Louis band’s debut is a very unlikely record to win the hearts of the masses because it possesses more flaws than the general public are willing to put up with. Rhythm & Westrn is all over the place musically, with a lack of focus that is irritating rather than admirable. The moments when they embrace their country and roots influences are the stronger songs on the album, but even then, the songs feel more like a pastiche than a sincere attempt to write an honest song. Even a Dylan cover ("Most Of The Time”) is pedestrian, and even worse is the closing version of the Lord’s Prayer, which is definitely not the best way to end an album. Pinkeye D’Gekko sound like a band you might hear playing at your local bar one Saturday night — they sound just fine concealed behind a semi-drunken haze, but the morning after reveals them to be remarkably ordinary and almost completely forgettable. (Force MP)