Pink Reason Shit in the Garden on New LP

Pink Reason <i>Shit in the Garden</i> on New LP
As the hazy, fuzzed-out project of Kevin DeBroux, Pink Reason gave us their debut album Cleansing the Mirror in 2007, establishing the project as a noisy force to be reckoned with. Following a string of EPs and singles since then, DeBroux has announced his return with the new Shit in the Garden LP.

As a press release explains, "Try to map out how these songs are put together, and one finds that the apparent simplicity of DeBroux's riffs and chord progressions gives way to an epic complexity... DeBroux is still here, using cheap technology, creating rich, enveloping psychological environments, giving voice to a restless inner life -- manifesting drum-and-bass beats, hardcore dissonance, Ian MacCulloch's larynx -- and blooming like sunflowers amid the debris."

Shit in the Garden will be released on May 17 via Siltbreeze. A pre-order is available here.

The slow-burning five-minute fuzz anthem "Sixteen Years" can be streamed below, while clips of the entire album can be streamed here.

Shit in the Garden:

1. "Holding On"
2. "I Just Leave"
3. "Sixteen Years"
4. "Cranes Are Flying"
5. "Here On In"

Sixteen Years by pinkreason